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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ramadan: a very dear guest

We have a very dear guest visiting us for a month, his name is Ramadan.
Let me tell you some thing about him

Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an (strengthening the link with Allah)
The month of the Fast (strengthening the soul and feeding it)
The month of the Night Prayer in congregation (strengthening the link with Allah and with the community)
The month of Increasing Imaan
The month of Guidance
The month of Mercy
The month of Forgiveness
The month of Wiping the Sins
The month of Duplicating the Reward
The month of Patience (to control our selves)
The month of Charity (a social responsibility)
The month of the Good Character
The month of Closeness to Allah
The month of Supplications and Submissiveness
The month of Emancipation from Hell

These are some of the features of our guest, who came to teach us and train us to be better Muslims throughout the year. So, let us practice these meanings whilst we are fasting.

Print these fifteen points on a small paper and put it in your pocket.
Check it every day and ask your self these questions:

Am I reciting the Qur’an to strengthen my link with Allah?
Am I fasting to strengthen my soul and feed it?
Am I praying the Night Prayer in congregation to please Allah and strengthen the link with the community?
Am I increasing my Imaan?
Am I seeking guidance?
Am I practicing mercy?
Am I forgiving others and seek Allah’s forgiveness?
Am I working on wiping my sins in this month and not on increase it?
Am I looking forward to Duplicate my Reward in this month?
Am I practicing patience: controlling my tongue, my eyes and my limbs?
Am I paying my obligatory Zakat and giving extra Charity?
Am I improving my character, my temper, my behaviour and my manners?
Am I drawing closer to Allah or I am distant from Him?
Am I feeling the sweetness of the supplications or it is just: Ameen, Ameen.
Am I asking Allah truly to emancipate me from Hell?

May Allah enable us to learn and benefit from this dear guest Ramadan, Ameen.

Shaykh Haytham Tamim
Chairman of Utrujj Foundation
Ramadan 1427


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