Updates on Samaah

Born on August 25, 2006, Samaah is back in Saskatoon after spending her first few days in Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Asalamu Alaikum,

Jazakum Allahu Khair to everyone who was able to attend Salat-ul-Ghaib Janazah at the Islamic Forum of Canada - Naila and Hassan are really grateful for your attendance and duas. Also, to everyone who has made dua for them, stopped by our house, called them, etc, I'm sure when things are settled down, they update this blog to show their appreciation insha Allah.

Just one quick update, insha Allah Naila and Hassan won't be leaving until next Monday, November 6th, Alhamdullilah!

If anyone would like to come to the airport, their flight will leave at 9:10pm and we have to be at the airport by 8:10pm insha Allah.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Asalamu Alaikum,

Insha Allah, a second Janazah prayer for Samaah will be offered at the Islamic Forum of Canada.

Date: Friday 10/27/06
Time: 7:30PM
Place: Islamic Forum of Canada (200 Advance Blvd)
Prayer to be led by Imam Faisal Abdur-Razzak

From 401/403
410 North
Exit on Steeles East (Right turn)
Right turn on Dixie
Left turn on Advance
First left and masjid is on the other side of the building

We apologize for the late notice, but insha Allah, your presence and duas will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flight information below:


If anyone needs parking, for the best parking at Terminal 1, see below:
Enter Departure ramp of Terminal 1
Entrance to garage will be on left hand side
Enter Short Term Parking
After getting ticket, turn right in first or second row
Drive to end of row (Glass doors are the entrance to bridge that will take you to the terminal)

Call if you need any help. 647-297-2967

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Assalamu Alikum,

May this message reach you in the best of health and high Iman inshallah. Our little Princess Samaah’s Janazah (Funeral Prayer) will be held at 10:30am at the Islamic Association of Saskatoon inshallah. 222 Copeland Cr.

We encourage all of you to attend. We invite the staff from the Royal University Hospital, GE Health Care and all of our friends in Saskatoon to attend.

At this time we would like to say Jazakallahu Khairun to everyone for their support, their help and Du’ahs (Prayers) .
Wassalamu Alikum

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Asalamu Alaikum,

The Janaza will take place sometime tomorrow morning insha Allah in Saskatoon. Alhamdullilah, they were able to schedule it as soon as possible.

Upon Naila and Hassan's arrival to Brampton, insha Allah, I'm sure they will be wanting to meet with each and everyone of you, so they would like to plan some type of dua/prayer at the Islamic Forum of Canada insha Allah.

Further updates will be provided as to date/time insha Allah.

May Allah have mercy on us and forgive us for our sins. Ameen.

A few notes:

1. Insha Allah, my mother-in-law and Br. Abul Ala are leaving tomorrow at 6am to arrive in Saskatoon at 9am.

2. Insha Allah, they will return with Naila and Hassan on Thursday evening. Their flight (Tango) will arrive at 11:43pm on Thursday Insha Allah. Feel free to meet them at the airport insha Allah.

3. Also, some people have requested to come and see my in-laws tonight. Your prayers and thoughts are very much appreciated, so if anyone would like to come, please come around Maghrib prayer tonight.

~6:20 PM

32 Neville Cres
Brampton, Ontario
L6S 5K9

From 401 or 403

Take Hwy 410 Brampton (North)
Exit at Bovaird Drive
Turn Right (East)

At First Traffic Light, Turn Right (Nasmith Street)
At First Stop Sign, Turn Left (Newport Street)
At First street, Turn Left (Neville Cres)

32 Neville Cres (Left hand side)
Home Number: Naila’s Parents 905-454-8297
Home Number: Naila’s Brother 905-454-2967

Jazak Allah Khair and please continue to make dua.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi ra ji oon. Samaah Leem Hassan passed away this morning at 09:52AM Saskatoon time.
Just got a call that Samaah has passed away.
Just received a call from Naila. Samaah may be in her last moments in this life. Allah knows best and please make dua.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Assalamu Alikum!

EID MUBARAK!!!! May Allah SWT shower everyone with a great and fun filled EID!!!

EID….Oh yeah….OH YEAH!!! ( a cheer the Ali monkeys and Musa Busa made up! Mind you they chat it EVERY where they go!)

Alhumdulliah Samaah had a great day today. She was pretty ill and still has the same issues since yesterday and they are monitoring her kidneys and so on, but she was a little calmer today than yesterday.

Her photo shoot went great! The pictures were taken in the morning, but all the night nurses were talking about it….word must of gotten around. Papa had a lot of fun posing with Samaah…inshallah the pics will be posted up once we get them.

Inshallah on Monday Samaah will be partying it up with the nurses and the other staff at RUH…(Royal University Hospital) for her very first Eid!

Wassalamu Alikum

P. S did we meantion that Sahar is coming to visit Saskatoon on Tuesday?!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Assalamu Alikum,

May this message reach you in the best of health and high Iman inshallah. Pray all is well. Alhamdulillah yet another Ramadaan is about to pass. We pray that inshallah Allah SWT showers everyone with His mercy and blessings. May He allow us to cont. to carry ourselves the way we did during Ramadaan. May He Save everyone and their loved ones a spot in Jannah. Ameen

Alhamdulillah Samaah had a great day with Papa today. Below are the pictures from their exciting day together….for the last week….lots of time with Papa, hopefully he will buy her a present for Eid.. maybe a Lexus, or we ( I mean she) can settle for a BMW!

Samaah's update

-she had a fever last night until this morning, it came down around noon
-she is pretty dehydrated
-started saline in the morning to help her body clear out
-found some waste in her blood stream, but they will help clear it out (not sure how)
-She went for some blood tests
-Her Lysix was paused for a little while to help her body relax, may cont. in the morning
-was able to nap a little more today, which was nice, will give the body a chance to relax inshallah.

Samaah needs all the rest she can get tonight….she has a photo shoot in the morning :P inshallah a photographer will be coming in to take pictures of her. Life of a Diva is very challenging ! A gift from a dear friend. May Allah SWT shower her and her family with His mercy and blessings. Ameen.

Assalamu Alikum,

So I think this is it, Samaah was sold out by Papa this morning....she was chilling..while he was sleeping...I mean babysitting....:P Check out her MC Hammer Pants....Can't touch this...

Assalamu Alikum,

Papa and Samaah time again...interesting how Samaah seems to sleep everytime Papa tries to play with her.....

Assalamu Alikum,

Samaah and Papa time...bonding in a weird way. Papa is showing Samaah how to make fists...teaching her to defind at an early age..just in case her peeps (the bears) get out of hand...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Assalamu Alikum,

Pray All is well inshallah! Allhumdulliah there are still a few more hours of Ramadaan left to rake in the blessings! May Allah SWT have mercy on all and may all your ibadaat be excepted. Ameen.

Samaah has been moved into her own privet suite :P She has her own bathroom and sofas, I…I mean she will be very comfortable.

Today her feeding tube has been changed from a NG tube (that went to the stomach) to a NJ tube (goes to the intestine) it will inshallah help her digest her food. She has been having difficulties keeping her food down. Inshallah Allah SWT knows best.

Allhumdulliah Samaah is a strong girl. She is going through a fair amount right now. Inshallah time will tell what Allah SWT has planned, after all He is the best of planners.

We cont. to pray that Allah SWT grants everyone sabr and much mercy during this month of Ramadaan. Ameen.

Wassalamu Alikum

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Assalamu Alikum,

Pray all is well. Inshallah it is one of the last odd nights of Ramadaan, lets take full advantage of these nights, for we are never sure if we will be blessed to see another one.

Here are the updates of Samaah:

1) Here feeds have changed, she is not able to handle the formula. So now they pushed her back to ones that have less calories to help ease the barfing
2) Her Infection is in the bone. It is apparently very bad. Which surprised the doctors, because they were not expecting this all. Also they were commenting mashallah because of her friendly nature and her excitement, you could never tell how sick she really is. Truly a blessing from Allah SWT. They are coordinating efforts to figure out when they will do the surgery. They are thinking next week between Tuesdays – Thursday. Until that time they will use the IV. They are just worried about putting her on general anesthesia, because last time during the CT scan her lungs filled up with water and she had to go onto oxygen But Allah SWT knows best. She is scheduled to be on the Antibiotics until Nov. 17th for now inshallah
3) The heart doctor today said once they figure out where the infection goes, they will figure out a plan about the heart.
4) Inshallah Tomorrow, they will be changing Samaah into a longer care room. This is also because she has a weak immune system…in short, this means it is PARTY TIME!!!
Take care and will talk to you all soon.

Wassalamu Alikum

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just spoke to Naila, and there are some significant updates from today.

The Gallium scan was complete and there was a large infection in Samaah's bones. The doctors will be placing her on 4-6 weeks of antibiotics.

Also, they completed another investigative procedure in her heart and they discovered that there is a minor hole in her heart. However, they are not too concerned with this at this point. What they are really worried about is the fact that her pulmonary veins are not developing properly. They will require further investigation of this issues by doing an invasive procedure that will take some pictures of heart, but can’t do that until antibiotic is complete (another 4-6 weeks).

Also, the doctors have put Samaah on a vaccine once a month for children whose immune system is very weak and a higher dose of Lasix due to water in lungs.

Please continue to make dua in these last few days of Ramadan that Allah makes it easy for Samaah. She is so resilient and even in the midst of so much, she is still able to smile.

Assalamu Alikum,

Samaah last week, Eating, Sleeping...and burping...

Assalamu Alikum,

Samaah and Babu chilling, together during his suprise visit to Saskatoon...Babu is chilling...but Samaah...well not quiet sure what she is doing...

Assalamu Alikum,

This is Samaah, showing who is boss...Juanyd (my newphew) used to do the same thing, but he thought he was Simba from the Lion King...maybe it is time for him to step aside...What you think Junayd?

Assalamu Alikum,

This is Samaah Having some quiet time with her friend Mr. Bear from her mobile, last week. Babu (Sayeem) Claims she doesn't like him, but likes the black and white bears (which are also hanging on the same mobile...but I don't know about that :) Below Mr. Bear is the "Sleeping Music"...it is magic! Her eyes start to close right away once it is turned on... a must get for all parents!

Assalamu Alikum,

Pray All is well. Our dear friend, Ramadaan is about to leave. Inshallah there are a few more days left. May Allah SWT make it easy for us to make it the fullest . Ameen.

One of my teachers, called us while we were in Edmonton, and she told me, always look for the little blessings in life. These things will tell you that Allah SWT is watching over you…..and it makes things easier. Allhumdulliah it is true, the little blessings in life is what really counts. Today I ran into a sister who I have not seen since the spring. We chatted for a little and than we went our separate ways. I went back to Samaah and she went back to work. Later this evening, Hassan and I decided to go to Taraweeh. After we came back, we saw this sister again, this time she was waiting for us to return to the hospital. She baked us cake, brought dates and marshmallows (From her trip to Edmonton). Mashallah it was a great surprise! This is just one of the examples of the “little blessings” we have been seeing. May Allah SWT bless all of you with His mercy and forgiveness, for making this time easier for our family. Ameen.

Samaah’s Update:

- Sleeping for the last two days, only to wake up for tests etc.
- Blood work taken, part of the infection tests
- Results from the Galium Scan not back
- The ECG shows there is a little bit more pressure on her lungs, but inshallah nothing serious (the doctor said)
- Going for a scan for the heart (forget what it is called)
- Had a temperature, but was coming down this evening
- Feeds have not changed
- Waiting for the tests to figure out the next course of actions

Allah SWT is the greatest of planners …

We spoke to Samaah’s Dadi ( Who calls her Gungun) and she informed us her aqeekah will be taking place on Friday inshallah in Bangladesh. The aqeekah has been delayed, but inshallah will be completed very soon :P

Allahumdulliah it is SOOOOOOOOOOO cold here in Saskatoon. It is slippery and snowy. The trees are filled with icicles and the sky is dark. We will take a picture to show all of you guys. A few days ago someone in the hospital mentioned how winter starts after Thanksgiving, and I was like oh…but it seems like it really does ! Isn’t it like against the law for snow to fall before December of something?! Our Saskatoonian friends, does winter really begin this early, or is it a trick? Please do inform us. Man I think I really need to get gloves this year! Where is the UTM book store when you really need it…..

Monday, October 16, 2006

Assalamu Alikum,

Inshallah everything is going well. This is the update for the weekend:


-She had the last Gallium Scan
-Went for an ECG for the heart
-Her breathing has calm down since last night
-Her oxygen level has been lowered, still on it though
-Her respiratory rate has calm down a little
-The rest we are waiting to hear about

Wassalamu Alikum


-The oxygen is down now
-RR is staying stead, and calmer
-Sleep most of the day
-Pretty Hydrated
-Has a fever
-Changed her room, so now she is across the hall
-Waiting to hear about what is next inshallah

Allhumdulliah, this weekend was pretty challenging for Samaah. She was not in great shape at all on Friday night. Her lungs had so much water that it was pushing down on her livers, and she was crying non stop for two days, only to break for 20 mins or so to nap. She was on almost a liter of oxygen, which was a huge deal, cause she came off it 2 weeks or so earlier. She must have been in a lot of pain. The doctors were pretty worried through out the weekend, but Allhumdullaih Allah SWT knows best. She is now is pretty Stable. Hopefully we will hear about the results from all the tests on Monday morning. But Mashallah today she was sleeping most of the day, must have been exhausted and pretty week. But she did give Papa a smile (actually a few) before we came home. Which was the first in a few days :P But everything happens for a reason.

A friend of mine (actually all of ours, but she will remain nameless, just because it is more fun this way) sent an email saying: dua is the 'mukht' (bone marrow of ibadat). Mashallah such a great reminder for all of us. Allah SWT always has our backs.

Please make du’ah for everyone, especially those who are suffering.

Wassalamu Alikum

P.S- saw a sign on the way to the hospital this morning “Saskatoon is the Multicultural capital of Canada”…not quite sure what they define as “Multiculture”

Also , Hassan still thinks it is summer, so he has been wearing sandles, and still is. The only thing is, when we left the hospital this evening, it started snowing like crazy!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Assalamu Alikum,

Pray all is well with everyone. Update for today:

- Samaah is on Pedilite, so still not on feeds
- Going for the next Gallium Scan on Saturday
- Had a few extra x-rays
- There is liquid in her lungs, which is directly related to the heart and chest, which is putting pressure on the liver
- She is on Oxygen now, and on the monitors again
- Waiting to find out what is going to happen to her feeds
- Doctors are meeting on Saturday to discuss her heart condition

May Allah SWT forgive us and have mercy on us and may he release us from hellfire. Ameen.

On a side note: Happy day for Hassan, someone from Bangladesh won the Nobel Peace Prize…Zindabad Bangladesh (Does that even make sense, I don’t know, but it seems like it goes together, Happy (our dear friend) what do you say…please comment….

Friday, October 13, 2006

A trip down memory lane…7 weeks ago, Samaah chilling with her Dadi ( Hassan’s mom) moments after she was born.

Diva of the Century…giving us the “look”, she does that quiet often. Kind of like the black in white Charlie Chaplin movies, all movement , but no sounds (not that I ever watched any of the movies or anything….)
Assalamu Alikum,

Pray that all is doing well inshallah. Allhumdulliah we have entered the last 10 nights of Ramadaan. May Allah SWT make it productive and rewarding for everyone inshallah. Ameen.

The updates for Today:

-Back on Morphine. She was not suppose to be off it yet, it was just a mistake in the orders
-She went for the first of three Gallium Scans today.. Inshallah the next two will be on Friday and Saturday
-They are taking blood work to see if they can figure out the puking issue
-She is off her feeds and on a mix, which is basically sugar and water, this is to give her body a rest from puking, although she still manages to puke every so often, but Allah SWT knows best.
-She is still boarder line dehydration …. But the nurse said “her eyes still look glazy” so apparently we are okay (hehehe)

The weekend is approaching, which means inshallah she will be able to rest a little. They usually don’t do too much, unless it is an emergency, which means she will be able to party all weekend!

Allhumdulliah she has made some new friends today. There are three new babies who joined her in her room today. The moms are very friendly mashallah .

Her cute moment of the day: She had been sleeping all day, and pretty restless (kind of like Hassan without food, I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about..muahahahah) but in the evening when Hassan was putting her to sleep she smiled in her sleep…so now Hassan really thinks he is the man, cause she smiled for him (although I am sure it was gas!)

Side note, man Saskatoon is COLD…it is only the second week of Oct. and it is freezing..wondering what the winter has in store for us…so anyone want to come visit us now…did we ever tell you that you have to plug your car in, during the winter so the engine don’t freeze over…..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Assalamu Alikum,

May this message reach all of you in the best of health and high Iman inshallah. Inshallah everyone’s Ramadaan is going ultra amazing. If it is not as amazing as you expected….it is still not too late yet! There are still few more days to rake in the blessings inshallah and to train ourselves for the rest of the year! May Allah SWT help everyone achieve the goals they set for themselves this year. Ameen.

Here are the updates about Samaah or Chamaah (as her Mamima, Fareheen calls herself)

- The CT scan last week showed that there is enough room for the brain to grow for now inshallah. They were checking to see if the skull had already developed fully, or if there was room for the brain to grow
- The CT scan on the Chest….did not show what they expected, They will be doing a Gallium ( I think that is how it is spelt) scan this week inshallah.
- She started her feeds after about 30 hours of being off them last week For the CT scan…Unfortunately she is not tolerating her feeds that well
- She is on continuous feeds again. I guess she likes getting her meals in small portions all the time….hehehe
- The infection in the chest is not healing the way they were expecting that is why they are doing the Gallium Scan in order to see if it spread to tissues or the bones
- She has been throwing up with each feed, so now she is boarder line dehydrated, but the good part is, she is not officially dehydrated, Allhumdulliah
- She is on Antibiotics through IV for the infection, first they were giving it every 4 hours, than 18 now 24, the same amount is being administrated, but her body was not able to digest the amount given at first, so they have increased the time in between to help the digestion,.
- X-rays have been taken to see if they can detect why she is throwing up. They will also inform us if she still has liquid in her lungs. Last week she had a fair amount of extra liquid in her lungs and her head, but that started to drain out after medication
- As of this morning, she is officially off morphine, so inshallah they will see how she does with out it….she has been having withdrawal from it for the last few weeks, which includes shaking, throwing up, sudden jerks, sneezing, coughing but the actions are not as dramatic as they used to be.
- I think that is it for now, we took lots of pictures, so we will be posting them up shortly, especially since Babu (Sayeem) came for a surprise visit this week! Mamima came back to Saskatoon on the weekend with Babu to have some exciting babysitting adventures with Cham Cham (Samaah)

- Over all Samaah is doing very well mashallah. May Allah SWT cont. to shower everyone with His mercy and forgiveness. Ameen.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is Fareheen again - I haven't posted for awhile as I have been here in Saskatoon (aka The Farm). As most of you know I am the very proud Mami-ma (Auntie) of dear Samaah.

Anyways, here's my post:

Whoa Naila! Relax with the pictures!!!

Just kidding! I can't get enough of Samaah's delicious cheeks and her oh-so-cute mouth and her huge brown eyes! So keep 'em coming!

For those of you haven't seen Samaah up close and personal, take my word for it, it's a real blessing to be in the presence of such a fighter. Her spirit and curiosity is already very apparent and infectious. You can really see that she is an interesting mix of Naila and Hassan. Samaah has Naila's smile and continous energy. And just like how Hassan won't go to sleep just in case he misses something exciting when me and Naila are talking, neither will Samaah!!! She forces her eyes to stay open!

However, it looks like she got her introspective nature from her Mami-ma (that would be me)!!! HA!!! No but seriously, she spends hours just looking around and thinking deeply (or so it seems).

Anyways, with all of Naila's exciting posts, we haven't really provided any information about Samaah's health, so I wanted to summarize the information below:

Last week, Samaah had to be placed back on oxygen as some fluid in her lungs had developed. Alhamdullilah since then, the fluid has subsided with the aid of a pharmaceutical and her vitals all seem good.

However, a somewhat more serious condition was discovered. It seems that Samaah's skull/head maybe a bit smaller than what should be expected at her age/weight/height etc. The doctors are a bit worried about this as they are unsure if it is related to her original heart condition or not. At this point, they are still investigating using genetics as well as a CT scan that will done on her brain.

Finally, over the past couple days, the doctors have also noticed that a minor infection has developed in the incision of her heart surgery. A CT scan has also been planned for her chest area, but as a precaution they have already put her on antibiotics.

Being here in Saskatoon, one realizes the long term follow-up that will be required in this situation and the patience and optimism that Allah has bestowed upon Naila and Hassan. Their focus, strength and resolve are definitely qualities to admire and insha Allah, will be passed down to Samaah as she grows up.

Anyways, they are at home in the evenings and I'm sure they would love to hear from you guys, so call them when you can insha Allah.

Assalamu Alikum,

Samaah with mom and dad.

Chilling with Mamima....

Chilling and posing for the camera while mami takes pictures


Assalamu Alikum,

Mamima meets Samaah...

Gifts mamima brought for Samaah! Her very first princess dresses! All she needs are matching purses and shoes!

Assalamu Alikum,

This is view from Samaah's Room.

Samaah's first time sitting in a chair, very confused, very not sure of the situation :)

Wassalamu Alikum